1. What is the age range of the kid’s class?

5 to 13 years. Kids aged 12 and over should consider the adults class.

2. What equipment do I need?

You don’t need any equipment to start out with as the club is fully equipped. If you come along for a while and decide you are going to take it seriously then you should buy hand wraps, gum shield and your own boxing gloves.

3. I am a lady and I am more interested in fitness than boxing, what do you recommend?

Our fitness classes are based on the core training methods and techniques that boxers use to get fit. However the fitness classes don’t include boxing so that will suit your needs.

4. Will I be sparring straight away?

You will only spar if you want to. You will not spar unless the coaches are convinced you are ready.

5. I am out of shape and haven’t boxed before. Will this be suitable for me?

Yes. Everyone works at their own pace. You will be given help and guidance by the coaches.

6. I don’t have the confidence to excercise in front of other people, what should I do?

See personal training page: http://www.easthousesboxingclub.co.uk/personal-training/

7. I box for another club. Can I still train at Easthouses Boxing Club?

Yes. We welcome boxers from other clubs as we want more variety in sparring.

8. What is involved in the boxing and kickboxing classes?

Bag work, pads, drills, shadow boxing, sparring. You will only spar if the coaches feel you are ready and you feel ready.

9. What is the Stretch & Flex class?

It is a low intensity stretching and flexibility class. It’s a mix of yoga and some light strength building exercises.

10. What is Ladies Boxercise?

Boxercise is an exercise class based on the training concepts boxers use to keep fit. It may involve skipping, hitting bags, sprints, fitness circuits, ab exercises.