Stretch & Flex

Stretch & Flex

Stretch & Flex is a popular class at Easthouses Boxing Club, Dalkeith, Midlothian. It is a mix of Yoga and light strength training exercises.

Feel the workout as you move through a carefully structured series of stretches, moves and poses, bringing all your muscle groups into use. Focus on controlled breathing and pumping music as you flow through the workout, building flexibility and strength.


Stretch & Flex classes will restore your calm, but make no mistake, this workout isn’t a walk in the park. The challenging 45 minute class can burn up to 300 calories. It will take you to your muscles range of movement limits and then move you beyond them.

Let Stretch & Flex fill you with positive energy and renew your focus. Enjoy a workout that perfectly harmonises mind and body, merging mindfulness with fitness to restore balance to your life.



.        Feels good stretching your muscles, ligaments and tendons.

.        Holistic approach to fitness.

.        Work on flexibility and strength.

.        Improves concentration and renews focus.

.        Reduces probability of injuries.

.        Burns 200-350 calories

.        Improves your body’s range of motion.

.        Helps with Kickboxing / Martial Arts